How to find someone in the UK

How to find someone is a web resource designed to help you locate people  using electoral roll data spanning 21 years including 2021 and other databases. Finding a missing person is often a lot easier, cheaper and faster than many people expect. Online searches take a few seconds and the search results are displayed in an easy to read and clear format. Who do you need to find?  start your search below its free to try:

Finding someone's address in the UK is a simple, quick and low cost process, many results are even free, by using 2020 / 2021 electoral register data. The electoral roll is your main tool in helping you find someone. It lists millions of peoples names and addresses throughout the UK. Searches will also display a persons occupation, co inhabitants, telephone numbers etc etc. Powerful search filters mean a fast search even with common names like John Smith because you can search by age or estimated age, by location or rough location, by someone's occupation or even cohabitants / partners / spouse.

For example only show me John Smiths who are approx 54 years old living in Market Harborough, who are civil engineers and married to a Sarah Louise Smith. Or you can do a radius search to find someone, for example search for Joe Bloggs within a 25 mile radius of Oxford.

An 'edited' version of the voters Roll, which does not have those people who have chosen not to have their details made public or found, can be searched by anybody for any purpose. This Electoral data is easily searchable using online  facilities such as those listed here.

Finding someone in the UK is so easy

To find someone based in the UK you just need the person's first and last name, if you have a rough idea where they may be living ie a radius of 21 miles from Birmingham this will help to reduce the number of results and enable you to find someone faster.

192 is an excellent system for searching the Electoral register. Click on the banners if you want to have a look at their websites or to find someone

Why use the Electoral roll ?

Our search partner uses multiple data sources to help you  search not only the Electoral Roll but additional data sources in one simple search. Data from company records and phone data along with a host of other record databases are used. 

Electoral Roll searching to search UK wide -  you can search for "John Brown" without having to specify any type of location or current address. Obviously this kind of search could potentially return many search results so powerful built in filters enable you to narrow down the search and therefore the results. You can do this by adding for example other household occupants (spouse or children etc.) or best of all by using a full or partial date of birth.

Unlike many other UK data providers we provide you with the option to search for:

a. Mobile telephone data Search over 35 million
b. Ex Directory numbers search over 18 million
c. email data - Search over 65 million records
d. Full date of birth within search results 


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